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Turkish Reforms Collection

As part of “Turkish Reforms” collection, experimental furnitures and products are designed. Among others: Grandbazaar Sofa, Big Iznik, Hadji Bowl and Morphing Beads "Grandbazaar Sofa" is a visual delusion based on a very popular myth of flying carpets. This lean bench can carry magically up to 500 kg’s - 2006

“Big Iznik” is a homage to the famous Iznik pottery, the highly decorated ceramics made in western Anatolia around 16th cc. Erdem gives a fresh new look to traditional forms and motives by applying them to the over scaled paper vases, illuminated and highlighted with blue and gold leaf. - 2010

Hadji Collection is one of the first design attempts to combine tradition and religion with current modern manufacturing techniques. 5 patterns from Middle Eastern prayer caps were chosen. 3D scanned, refined and aligned to fit the dimensions of the bowl and then produced with rapid prototyping as decorative table top items - 2006

“Morphing Beads” is based on idea that Metaphorically, we have “edges” and free ourselves of these as we believe and pray, and take the perfect form like an ideal sphere. "Morphing beads" intends to visualize this change, which prayer and faith imposes on human beings. The beads representing the transitional forms from cube to sphere have been produced on 3D printer - 2010

Rahle takes inspiration from the traditional Turkish bath stools and book stands, and reflects the past on mirror polished surfaces. Blending chrome craftsmanship and contemporary design, the collection is compatible to the most modern spaces - 2010

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